A ceramic coating is a hard sacrificial layer of paint protection that chemically bonds to your vehicle's paint. It protects your vehicle against bird droppings, water spots, chemicals, road grime and salt, rust, brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain, micro marring, and more.

This sacrificial layer acts as a barrier between your car's paint and the elements. The sun's rays can be hard on your vehicle over time. Ceramic coatings give an added layer of UV protection to prevent paint from fading or becoming discolored. Not to mention, coatings are super hydrophobic so they resist and shed water and dirt immediately, keeping your ride cleaner longer. These properties make washing your car a breeze. Along with super hydrophobic properties, ceramic coatings add a high gloss shine to your cars finish that is sure to turn heads.

Your car's paint isn't the only thing that can be protected by ceramic coatings. Slick Auto Styles can coat your interior too! Leather seats, dashboards, and door panels can be ceramic coated to prevent fading and become easier to keep clean and keep looking new. That's not all! Slick Auto Styles can also ceramic coat fabric to protect against dirt and stains caused by spills. 

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✔️ Easy to clean

✔️ Car looks brand new

✔️ Creates a high gloss

✔️ Improves resale value

✔️ Eliminates the need for wax

✔️ Added UV protection

✔️ Saves time and money

Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Swirl Removal, Paint Protection, Auto Detailing


Bird Droppings

Bug/Insect Acid

Tree Sap


Brake Dust

Road Salt, Grime & Tar

Water Spots


Chemicals & Acid Rain

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Ceramic coatings are not an "end-all" product. Although ceramic coatings protect against micro-marring(very small, fine scratches), they do not prevent scratches or marks on your vehicle's paint caused by improper cleaning techniques or abuse. However, they can protect against some damage from reaching your vehicle's paint.

A Ceramic Coating is a sacrificial layer meaning, that if any light damage does occur like, micro-marring, bird dropping, or tree sap etching, the damage is on the surface of the coating rather than the clear coat/paint. It is much cheaper to repair the ceramic coating compared to fixing your car's paint, which is why it is important to have your vehicle ceramic coated. 

Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Swirl Removal, Paint Protection, Auto Detailing


If you are the type of person who likes to have nice things, ceramic coatings might be for you. Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest investment we make, next to the purchase of a home. Why not protect it? Our ceramic coatings can make your car look new again, add a high gloss shine to the paint, restore plastic back to its factory color, protect wheels from damage caused by brake dust, and protect your vehicle's paint from the elements for years, not weeks or months! Your vehicle will be easier to clean and keep clean. No more applying wax every few washes. Ceramic coatings shed water like nothing else. They are superhydrophobic and so satisfying to see in action. 

Having your vehicle ceramic coated can raise the resell and trade-in value, and can be reported to CARFAX to show proof that you have taken care of your vehicle. 

Some people ceramic coat their exotic cars or collectible cars to preserve their value. But the car that gets driven the most and takes the most beating is your daily driver. Let us protect that investment for many more years. 

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